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High HorsePower

These Revolutionary, High-Horsepower Outboards Deliver Superior Torque, Top-End Speed And Overall World-Class Performance, Reliability And Durability In A Narrow, Balanced 60° ‘V’ Profile Powerplant.



 Mid Range

 Honda’s brand new BF80 and BF100 outboards are based on the same engine that powers Honda’s number one selling motor vehicle, the jazz. The compact design           incorporates a range of Honda exclusive technologies to deliver best-in-class performance on all levels!





                These Engines Provide Responsive, Smooth And Reliable Power In A Lightweight Design. Honda’s Advanced Four-Stroke Technology Results In Efficient Clean And Quiet Operation. 


  • Honda 2.3hp

    Honda BF2.3 1
    2018, 2.3hp, 7 Years
    $1,610.00 NZD
  • Honda 5hp

    2018, 5hp, 7 Years
    $2,683.00 NZD
  • Honda 8hp

    2018, 8hp, 7 Years
    $4,518.00 NZD
  • Honda 10hp

    2018, 10hp, 7 Years
    $4,743.00 NZD
  • Honda 40hp

    2018, 40hp, 7 Years
    $10,580.00 NZD
  • Honda 50hp

    2018, 50hp, 7 Years
    $11,385.00 NZD

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