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Welcome to Woodbine Marine's NuLine range of quality built Aluminium boats

Affordable, Build Quality, Performance, Custom Layout were all the major facotors when developing the NuLine range of Aluminium Boats and and we feel very confident that Woodbine Marine have succeeded in doing this

We can offer you a range of models to choose from, from the NuLine 450DG and 480DG open layout dinghy series to the 450 & 480 Side Console and Centre Console models

The Hulls have been designed with a 13 degree dead rise and have all been built with a hull thickness of 4mm and sides being 3mm of Marine grade aluminium meaning these boats have been designed to handle the elements and are built tough.

If you are looking for an all-round boat for fishing / Diving or just towing the kids around then you need to come and look at our range of Nuline Boats


  • Nu-Line 37DG

    *Nuline 37DG *DMW Mag Wheel...
    $14,995.00 NZD
  • Nu-Line 43DG Centre Console

    *Nuline 43 Centre Console* Marine grade...
    $27,995.00 NZD
  • Nu-Line 43DG

    *Nuline 43DG *Hull & Trailer Package 5mm...
    $13,499.00 NZD
  • Nu-Line 48DG

    *Brand new Ready for Summer Nuline...
    $20,995.00 NZD
  • Nu-Line 48DG

    *Nuline 48DG Hull only* Specs...
    $10,995.00 NZD
  • Nu-Line 650 HT

    Nu Line 650HT 1
    Nuline 65HT A true Blue...
    $94,999.00 NZD
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