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Jet Ski Fishing Kit Icey Tek

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  • Seadoo Fishing kits 1 piece lid White 010
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  • New showroom inside 2FX 2
$1,149.00 NZD

About Jet Ski Fishing Kit Icey Tek

Jet Ski Fishing Kit with 70ltr Icy Tech
If you want to get into Jet Ski fishing then these fishing kits are a must.

The 70 Litre Icy Tech Chilli bin with the 1 piece lid offers you loads of storage capacity for all your bait, burley and your prized catch so you don’t need to worry if that big one will fit in the bin.
The Frame is NZ made and only quality products have been used in the manufacture of these Fishing kits.

This fishing kit will fit most jet skis so if you bring in your jet ski we will fit the fishing kit to your ski at
(No Additional Charge).

This Fishing Kit comes with 4x Stainless Steel rod holders with safety clips to secure all your rods safely when heading out to your favourite spots.

This can be viewed at Woodbine Marine 7 days a week at 245 Ti Rakau Drive East Tamaki or call us on 09 265 1623 for any further information.

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