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Salt Away Corrosion Control

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About Salt Away Corrosion Control

Salt Removing Treatment
• 100% Non Hazardous
• 100% Non Toxic
• 100% Biodegradable
Salt-Away is a carefully selected blend of ingredients specifically chosen to provide the optimum concentration of well-known cleaning materials and surface-active agents, to provide salt removal from a wide variety of surfaces.
There are no hydrocarbon solvents in the formula and the cleaning action is designed not to remove lubricating products. Included in Salt-Away are rinse aids and liquid and vapor corrosion inhibitors.

The ingredients are considered non-hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable and, as such, discharging Salt-Away into normal drainage outlets is safe.
Safe to use on virtually all surfaces, including Magnesium, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Paint, Gel Coat, Nylon, Isinglass, Vinyl, Plastic, Glass, Wood, Leather, Rubber, Canvas.
Salt-Away is also safe to use near plants, pets, children and other living things.

Salt Removing Agent
Salt-Away's salt removing agent completely removes fresh salt and breaks down salt build-up.
Its high, dense foaming action assists as an indicator to see where Salt-Away has been applied, and it also "clings" to surfaces to slowly soak through the layers of salt.
As the salt dissolves into the Salt-Away salt removing agent, the crystals are lifted into the solution.

If Salt-Away is sprayed on the surface and not rinsed off, the water evaporates out of the solution and the salt crystals are embedded into the residue.
The liquid and vapor corrosion inhibitors in the residue will not allow the salt crystals to attack the surface.
If Salt-Away is rinsed off the surface, the salt crystals are lifted off the surface and washed away.
A second application of Salt-Away is recommended for further protection.

Prices vary on application.

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